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Research funding

The Academy promotes and supports research by funding research projects, research positions, publications, symposia, conferences, projects in internationalisation and digitisation, travel grants, and scholarships.

The Academy concentrates its research funding on collaborative projects by its members, universities, scholarly works, cultural heritage organisations, and other research funding bodies. Vitterhetsakademien often supports long-term projects that cannot be financed with public funds. Many conferences and symposia funded by Vitterhetsakademien are held in Rettig House in Stockholm. The majority are published in The Academy’s conference proceedings publications.

research funding

The Academy promotes and supports research. Vitterhetsakademien and its affiliated foundations are currently funding:

  • Five-year academic research positions, of which five (appointed in 2015) are in cultural history, interfaith studies, or public space in classical antiquity, and five (appointed in 2017) are in the social sciences, or address significant social questions.
  • Project grants for research on research ethics, in collaboration with the Swedish Research Council and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (from 2020).
  • Project grants for digitisation and access to cultural heritage collections, in collaboration with the Swedish Research Council and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (from 2018).
  • Project grants under Collections and Research, a collaboration with Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (from 2016).
  • Bernadotte Scholarships (annual) under the Bernadotte Programme, in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, the Swedish Academy, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, and the Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture.
  • Conferences and symposia (about 20 a year).
  • Travel grants and guest lectureships.
  • Scholarly publications, including Vitterhetsakademien’s own journals and book series and publications in collaboration with various publishers.
  • Major book projects to publish existing and new research, such as Swedish garden history, a new history of Swedish photography, and church music in Sweden.

  • Research communication, including targeted events such as the research forum Forskartorget at the Gothenburg Book Fair, journals such as Respons, and the digital education magazine Anekdot.

Research grants 20162020

SEK 205.08 million has been distributed over the five years, as follows:

Research positions SEK 52.73 million

International research initiatives SEK 30.12 million

Conferences and symposia SEK 8.14 million

Publications and production grants other than The Academy´s own operations SEK 7.37 million

Scholarships SEK 3.36 million

Project grants, including cultural heritage management, primarily capital grants SEK 103.33 million

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